Sometimes it seems everyday stress and the remnants of past trauma are the ones steering the ship, the ones “at the helm.” But what if you could navigate your own way through the stress? Mindfulness, meditation, and yoga give us the power to see through the dense fog of trauma; to steer our own ship; to stand tall in our own wheelhouse.

From the founder

The tools are right here. Inside of each one of us. We just need to become friends with our bodies, friends with our minds, and friends with our hearts to unearth what’s already there. This is what mindfulness can do. Mindfulness offers us an exquisite pathway whereby we can tenderly and delicately excavate our latent strengths and become archaeologists of our own wellbeing. To unearth that which lives inside of all of us, but lay buried beneath past events and traumas.

Taking these tools to the very worlds where trauma exists alongside the beauty of humanity, I created Project Wheel House. The two words are deliberately separated: The “wheel” means a cycle of suffering, an emotional and mental rut in which one may find themselves stuck. It also means the wheel of change and personal transformation. The “house” means the space we find solace and refuge. The home where we are.

Project Wheel House is a vessel for change. Our goal is to ease suffering by looking directly towards our journey with kindness and compassion. These are the possibilities offered through mindfulness and yoga. Only then can we see the horizon.

With loving-kindness,

Jessica Webb