Survivors of Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault

Weekly yoga classes at a women’s intake facility designed to help ease the trauma of domestic violence and sexual assault and provide tools for survivors to regain a sense of self-worth, dignity and empowerment.

Path of Freedom® Mindfulness Meditation for incarcerated men

A 12-week mindfulness-based emotional intelligence program called Path of Freedom® taught for incarcerated individuals at a men’s county jail.

Serving our LGBTQ Community

A weekly yoga class held at the South Coast LGBTQ Network headquarters designed to cultivate a sense of pride and empowerment for those who identify LGBTQ and their allies.


Colorful Kids Yoga

A weekly kids yoga and art class designed to teach inner-city youth the benefits of movement, breathing, calming skills, and self-esteem.

PACE/YouthBuildYoga (1).jpg

PACE/YouthBuild New Bedford Yoga

YouthBuild provides vocational and life skills to out-of-school young adults 16 - 24. We provide yoga twice a week to cultivate positive mindsets, healthy choices, and emotional resilience.

Body-Based Mindfulness for incarcerated women

Weekly ongoing class combining principles of trauma-informed yoga, mindfulness-based stress reduction, and the Path of Freedom® emotional intelligence for incarcerated individuals program. Movement, breathing, and self-regulation are interwoven throughout each class.


YWCA Girls Exclusive Yoga

In partnership with the YWCA Girls Exclusive program, we provide a special after-school yoga class for at-risk young teen girls ages 11 - 14, teaching them self-worth and empowerment through yoga.